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Better safe than sorry

We recently attended a site where two neighbours had their boilers installed by a man who had given each of them a different name and contact number for reasons which will become apparent.

It wasn’t until one of the neighbours went to sell his house that he discovered what he thought was the Gas Safe Certificate was in fact a Landlord’s Certificate.   He could not contact the plumber who installed the boiler and Gas Safe had never heard of him, which means that it is very unlikely that he was qualified to do the work in the first place.

The installation would not have passed a gas safety inspection and it cost the homeowner over a thousand pounds to put it right.  If you are planning any gas work or central heating, make sure you employ a registered Gas Safe Engineer for the job.

Speaking of boilers we are at that time of year when you need to ensure that your central heating is working efficiently.  

Make sure your pipes are lagged in unheated voids, and that you know where your stopcocks are.

All new boilers must now be condensing boilers (with a few exceptions).  Unfortunately condensing boiler wastes can freeze up and fail in winter because the condensed waste water discharges externally.   

Make sure waste pipes are suitably lagged particularly if they are higher up and more difficult to get to.  Perhaps consider asking an engineer to install a ‘trace’ this is an electrical element that is bonded to the underneath of the pipe and activates when the temperature drops below 5 degrees celcius.

If you are in any doubt about how prepared you are for winter, or if your boiler has not been serviced for a while why not book a call. Give us a ring or use the contact form to make an appointment.    Contact form

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